Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meaningful Activities in Dementia Care

The Aged Care

Activities are everything we do in our lives – from when we get up in the
morning until we go to bed at night. Even sleeping is an important
Activities of life include:
• occupation or role (this may be paid or unpaid)
• leisure – sport, hobbies, relaxation
• self-care – hygiene, personal care.
Balance is important
It is really important to get the balance between work, leisure and selfcare
Different lives
Different people see different activities belonging to different parts of life..
For example cooking is for some people a leisure activity while for other
people it is work.
Consider this…
How would you feel if you:
• lost your job?
• had a disability that prevented you from participating in your favourite
leisure pastime?
• were unable to take a shower?
• or…all three?
How does activity
affect us?
We take for granted our ability to perform many and varied activities. But
imagine having those activities taken away from you - your life would be
very different and very difficult at times! Your sense of self-esteem would
be affected too.
Work Leisure Self-care
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