Thursday, November 20, 2008

Diversional Therapy Activities

Here is some information that may interest you as an Activities Director
from Golden Carers

Activities for people with Dementia Finding meaningful activities for people with dementia can be a very challenging task. It will always depend upon the stage of the illness they have reached. The most important thing to remember is that activities should be related to the person's former life-style. The person's hobbies and travel experiences, family dynamics, social preferences, spiritual and cultural differences. It is also important to have regular assessment regarding strengths and limitations in the area of daily living. As this varies from person to person it is suggested that a 'Social & Spiritual' care plan be written for each individual. Below are some activities you may like to try.
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Nico said...

Hi, I'm Nicolas and i' m worried about my grand father, in fact, is in a retirement home and every time i go to see him he don't do nothing, is social live is not really ecxiting and he is becoming angry! I've heard about Play Therapy but do you have any forum that talk about this and do you know if it could be good for him to participate to one these therapy?
I've heard about this website :
What do you think of this!